What if you could have your own electronics lab,
take your lab with you, and build on the fly?

Now you can.

Real electronics lab work should happen when and where you're ready to create, test, and invent. Now it can. Anytime. Anywhere.

You are a builder. You want the ability to build, test, and tinker with every inspired idea that comes to mind. After all, if you can act on an idea quickly, you can keep it alive.

Introducing the Portable Electronics Lab: a complete, standalone, battery-operated laboratory with standalone instruments, world-class design, innovation, and ease of use inside and out.

PEEL [peel] : noun : Portable Electronics Lab

A revolutionary new product that frees you
from the confines of the electronics lab.

Up until now, whenever you had an idea, you headed down to the electronics lab (if it's even open), jockeyed for position at a workbench, and bartered for tools and equipment.

That obstacle stops today. With the PEEL, when you get an idea, open the carrying case and start building wherever you are. Everything is right there before your eyes, at your fingertips, just as you left them.

The PEEL is to the lab, what the laptop is to the PC.

— Bob Faust, inventor and
retired IBM electrical engineer

It's an entire platform, all your own,
customizable and modular.

The remarkable foundation is comprised of high-quality, lab-tested components, integrated circuits, demo boards, and pre-built modules on which you can build almost anything. With our patented modular breadboard system, it's even easier to build your own modules.

Start-up and shut-down are practically instantaneous. Do you need to tweak something in your project but you have only 30 minutes before dinner? No problem at all—go ahead and do it, with time to spare.

At school, at work, and at play,
there are no more limits to what you can do.


Be empowered to dream, tinker, and build on a whim. Be free of long lines and overcrowding at the school's lab. Learn and grow in your own environment, with your own tools. When you present your project, or if you need help, take the entire PEEL with you in your backpack to class or the lab. Collaborate at a whole new level. The Portable Electronics Lab

  • Fits into your backpack, and goes where You go
  • Is fully equipped
  • Is available 24/7
  • Has functionality to help you achieve better results
  • Is yours when you graduate
  • Is perfect for university-level or STEM students


Would your growth initiatives benefit from the Portable Electronics Lab? Would a 24/7 electronics lab make your students more productive and attractive to employers? Could a Portable Electronics Lab help your school reach online education and remote student goals? Could your school save money in lab construction costs, real estate development, and lab maintenance? With construction cost estimates pricing building new labs at $400-500/sqft, millions of dollars of engineering educational grants and trusts are being spent for these buildings. The Portable Electronics Lab

  • Can be loaned out to students for them to use anywhere
  • Can be purchased by the student as a lab expense, then owned at graduation
  • Will save money, real estate, and time


You have a job to do, and you're on the move. The IoT economy will generate $14T by 2020, and you're in the middle of it. Bring your PEEL into the field, collect test data at the source, and store it on a flash card. You could leave your battery-powered lab on-site, and with a transmitter module you can transmit data wirelessly. Get the job done efficiently and ahead of schedule, anywhere.


We never grow out of playing, creating, inventing. The PEEL is the perfect way to have all of the tools you need to create to your heart's content. And when you wake up in the middle of the night with that "Eureka!" moment, your entire lab is a few tip-toe steps away. Just make sure you don't wake anyone else.


Take the electronics lab with you, wherever you go. Never be without your instruments, tools, and projects again.


Small package, extraordinary value. Have your very own electronics lab for the fraction of the cost of traditional equipment.


A lab tailored to the way you work. Add your own tools, add your own modules. Suddenly, you have more flexibility and power.


Real electronics work needs real tools. These are not "virtual". They are the real deal. How much more productive will you be with a 24/7 lab?

The Portable Electronics Lab

Be the first to get yours. The Portable Electronics Lab is now available for pre-order. Start giving life to your ideas. Get it done. Anytime. Anywhere.